EyeCare Partners COVID-19 Employee Disaster Relief Program

We understand the Coronavirus is creating uncertainty for people around the globe, and has personally impacted some of our very own ECP team members.  EyeCare Partners COVID-19 Employee Disaster Relief Program has been set-up to provide assistance to those employees who have experienced significant hardship due to the global COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.     EyeCare Partners COVID-19 Disaster Relief Program is a charitable program.   

Overview of Eligibility

To be eligible, applicants must be an active employee of EyeCare Partners for minimum of 30 days or on an approved leave including furlough, short-term disability, FMLA or paid time off.    Disaster relief assistance is specific in providing support for unexpected expenses that are the direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


What are eligible hardships, which are part of the EyeCare Partners COVID-19 Employee Disaster Relief Program?

  • Personal, family, living, or funeral expenses 
  • Expenses incurred to repair or rehabilitate a personal residence (owned or rented) 
  • Expenses incurred to repair or replace contents of a personal residence

What are examples of eligible expenses?

  • Medical expenses incurred
  • Transportation costs associated with treatment 
  • Funeral expenses and associated travel for COVID-19 deaths
  • Travel and other costs associated with caring for loved ones infected by COVID-19, or who have been removed from their regular care facilities because of COVID-19
  • Expenses of providing for household members who have moved in because of COVID-19 

What are ineligible expenses, which would not qualify as part of EyeCare Partners COVID-19 Employee Disaster Relief Program?

  • Lost compensation due to reduced hours or missed time from work
  • Credit card or personal loan debt
  • Elective medical procedures, or denied health insurance claims
  • Insurance premiums
  • Expenses covered by insurance policies

How is the COVID-19 Disaster Relief Program funded?  The ECP Executive leadership team along with Partners Group have contributed financially to establish the COVID-19 Disaster Relief Program.

What is the maximum grant award?   Grant amounts will vary and are determined on a case by case basis. Grant amount will be based upon the need, employee impact, the number of applications received and the amount available within the Fund at the time of application.  Grants will be made available to employees with the most significant financial COVID-19 impacts first.   

Will I be taxed if I receive a Grant?  No, Grants are tax free.   They do not contribute to your overall Gross Income.

Is this a loan? Do I need to arrange plans to play the money back?  No, this is not a loan, but rather a grant.  You do not need to pay the funds back.

My spouse and I both work for the company; can we both apply for assistance? No, only 1 employee per household may apply.

Are there other options for support that EyeCare Partners is providing in support of COVID-19 impacts?  Hourly employees have been provided the equivalent of 2 weeks of additional Paid Time Off hours to utilize.    Full time, benefit eligible employees may also utilize EyeCare Partners Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Through EAP you have access to resource, information and counseling that are confidential and no cost to you. Examples of EAP support include: Childcare, Eldercare, Legal Services, Bereavement or grief counseling, and financial support.

Disaster Relief Application

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