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Envision Your Future: Answering Your Questions About the ACOF Fellowship


Join us Tuesday, August 8th at 7 pm, EST


Reserve a spot to attend our informational webinar to learn more about the Advanced Comprehensive Ophthalmology Fellowships that EyeCare Partners will offer in 2024.

Reserve A Spot: ACOF Webinar

ACOF is a one-year fellowship for residency graduates who would like to enhance their skill set as a comprehensive ophthalmologist. We will introduce you to Dr. Robert Folberg, Vice President of Education for EyeCare Partners, as well as some of the ACOF team, including Dr. John Sheppard from Virginia Eye Consultants.

You will also have an opportunity to ask questions and learn the timeline for the application process.

Key Webinar Topics

  • How will ACOF help grow my career?
  • What will I learn during my one-year fellowship?
  • How many fellowships will be offered?
  • How and when do I apply for ACOF?


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Reserve A Spot: ACOF Webinar Learn More About ACOF


Can't Make It?

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