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Our Mission:

Enable EyeCare Partners to become the platform of choice for optometrists and ophthalmologists through proactive advisory and advocacy on behalf of the ECP doctor community.

Through our medical executive board, we partner with business leadership to develop and drive strategy in Advocacy, Technology, Practice Operations, Compliance, Research, Physician Recruitment and Development.

Our Purpose

  • Assure the highest quality of medical care across the ECP portfolio for our doctors, employees and our patients.

  • Provide an active voice for EyeCare Partners' medical leaders to allow for input and guidance to the ECP Senior Management and ECP Corporate Board.

  • Define and support the careers of ECP doctors in terms of clinical competencies, leadership, productivity, ongoing education, efficiency, and research.

  • Advise EyeCare Partners in defining and testing the novel procedures, technologies, and programs that support the growth and profitability of ECP with a focus on patient care.

  • Act as advocates within governmental bodies and professional societies on behalf of EyeCare Partners.

Optometry Medical Executive Board Members

Brian Lojka, O.D.
Brian Lojka, O.D.Division Medical Officer - Optometry
Dr Diane Jessen
Diane Jessen, O.D.Clinical Quality
Dr. Bonnie Kim-Schwertz
Bonnie Kim-Schwertz, O.D.Clinical Quality
Dr. Rob Brusatti
Rob Brusatti, O.D.Patient Care & Operations
Dr. Ian McWherter
Ian McWherter, O.D.Patient Care & Operations
Dr Aaron Brewer
Aaron Brewer, O.D.Technology & Innovation
Dr. Ernie Doiron
Ernie Doiron, O.D.Technology & Innovation
Dr. Rawzi Baik
Rawzi Baik, O.D.Physician Recruitment / Career Development
Dr. Jonathon Weston
Jonathan Weston, O.D.Research
Dr. Carol Aune
Carol Aune, O.D.Research
Dr. Joe Ellis
Joe Ellis, O.D.Advocacy
Dr. Wachter
James Wachter, O.D.Chief Professional Officer