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Women with a Vision was created by EyeCare Partners to serve as a resource for news, events and
content made by women for women and the men who work with them. With a focus on mentorship, career
progression, leadership and innovation, the Women with a Vision resource library will provide practical
and applicable insights for all eye care professionals, regardless of their tenure or specialty.

As part of the resource page, we are proud to announce the “Women with a Vision” podcast.

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Women with a Vision Podcast

For our inaugural episode, host Alison Early, M.D. and guests, Linda Greff, M.D., and Jessica Duddleston, M.D. discuss the essential principles of networking and mentorship for career progression.

Women with a Vision Podcast Launch: Episode 1

Topics covered in this episode include:

Understanding the power of a robust professional network

Recognizing the value of mentorship throughout all stages of one’s career

The relevance of seizing opportunities and being authentic

Inaugural Episode Participants

Dr. Alison Early

Alison Early, M.D.

Linda Greff, MD

Linda Greff, M.D.

Dr. Jessica Duddleston

Jessica Duddleston, M.D.

Women With A Vision Podcast: Episode 2 – Networking

Topics covered in this episode include:

Networking across various stages of a career and the value it can bring.

The role of curiosity and connections in achieving personal and professional goals.

Tips on and the value of networking across events, meeting and industry in general.

Episode Participants

Headshot Terri Gossard, O.D., M.S.

Terri Gossard, O.D., M.S.

Headshot Constance O. Okeke, M.D., MSCE

Constance O. Okeke, M.D., MSCE

Headshot Nivine B. Woods, PharmD, MBA

Nivine B. Woods, PharmD, MBA

Women in Eye Care

25-30% of all ophthalmologists

35-45% of ophthalmic trainees

47.3% of practicing optometrists

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