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Lead the Industry Forward
Drive Growth in Partnership

We are Building the World’s Most Passionate and Committed Team of Eye Care Professionals

At EyeCare Partners, we unite leaders from every ophthalmic and optometric subspecialty to provide a full spectrum of eye care as one integrated team. We believe that integrated care – with primary care and specialty care working together – is the best way to meet the demand for high-quality eye care in our communities. We are committed to leading the industry forward: improving patient outcomes, transforming patient experiences, and supporting our providers to deliver the absolute best patient care.

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Medical Leadership

The EyeCare Partners network is an inclusive community of medical excellence. Our work is bolstered by our Medical Executive Board and the EyeCare Partners Innovation Center. Together we are on a mission to enhance vision, advance eye care, and improve lives.

Medical Executive Board

Our Medical Executive Board is unique in the eye care industry. This doctor-led board works closely with our business leadership team to drive strategy in key areas including: advocacy, technology, practice operations, compliance, research, doctor recruitment and development.

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EyeCare Partners Innovation Center

The new EyeCare Partners Innovation Center is focused on moving vision care forward
and promoting an organization-wide culture of collaborative innovation. With more than
1,000 practicing eye care providers, we have an unmatched wealth of data and expertise
to draw upon.

The Innovation Center is focused on three pillars: quality, research, and education. The goal is to put our data to work to pursue the future of eye health through practical life-changing innovation. We will also offer providers across every optometric and ophthalmic specialty the opportunity pursue eye health research alongside their clinical practice.

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Benefits of Partnership

  • Industry Leadership
  • Clinical Integration
  • Growth
  • Best Practices
  • Investment
  • Support
  • Culture
  • Career Development

A Mission-Driven Organization

By building a community where innovation and leadership thrive, we are leading the way in clinically integrated eye care.

We Believe In:

  • Clinical excellence
  • Personalized patient focus
  • Outstanding service
  • Inclusive culture
  • Collaborative innovation

ECP Partnership Attributes

Our partnership model allows doctors to maintain clinical autonomy, provide excellent patient care, and deliver quality outcomes. We attract talented doctors and team members, and we give them the ophthalmology and optometry management resources to pursue life-changing advances in eye care. By providing comprehensive support that allows doctors to focus on patient care, we alleviate the administrative burden on independent practices. We are committed to fostering personal and professional growth in an innovative and empowering work environment.

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Medical Leadership
Our Medical Executive Board ensures that our providers guide all strategic business decisions.

Clinical Autonomy
We empower ODs and MDs to chart their own course, shaping their career and the industry.

Collaborative Innovation
We support partner practices to pursue life-changing advances in eye care.

Grow with Us.

“We believe that we are building a network of opportunities at EyeCare Partners. By creating a national medical network of optometry and ophthalmology practices that bring together a wealth of expertise, resources, and knowledge. We can go further together.”

Mark Barron, Chief Growth Officer, Business Development & Doctor Partnerships